About us

Exploring the joy of slow living since 2000.

A steaming cup of tea,
a tangerine sun turning in for the day.
A pup, lying spread over your feet,
proud to have you locked in the chair.

Happiness arrives packaged in benign, everyday moments.
We, at Suvasa, create products that bring you closer to them.


From the house of Dundlod, Suvasa is a lifestyle label offering apparel and furnishing that is timeless and intrinsically elegant. Our signature block prints have touched the homes and hearts of millions of people across the country, and continue to bring joy to new ones every day. Step into any one of our eleven outlets, and you’ll understand why.

Our Origin Story

Our journey is one that has been crafted with love, care and a painstaking effort to place traditional workmanship at the forefront. Oona Singh, an accomplished couturier herself, partnered with her husband Rajat Singh to establish the label in 2000 as a simple table-and-chair set up.

Over two decades later, our family has flourished to include hundreds of artisans, tailors, craftspeople as well as a growing team of retail and management experts across Eleven stores. Under Oona’s mindful gaze and inclusive vision, Suvasa’s trend-free offerings continue to woo people across ages and cities.


A Glimpse of our Design Philosophy

The name ‘Suvasa’ implies a pleasing of all senses and as you browse through our boutiques, you’ll pick up on this philosophy with ease. Across categories and collections, Suvasa offerings are thoughtful, timeless and reminiscent of old school charm.

Our clothing is wearable fashion at its best – elegant, comfortable and versatile. The styles and fabrics are designed to flatter women across ages and body types. Accents such as potli buttons, lace inserts, sequins, or intricate thread work amp up the allure while bringing femineity to the whole look.

On the other hand, our home décor range offers refined homewares that add character to your space and are crafted to suit the modern home. We believe space can either be a constraint or a canvas, so every piece is innovatively engineered for multipurpose use. From quilts and covers to camping tables and lamp shades, discover a host of products that effortlessly bring your home to life.

Ethos of Suvasa

In the universe, everything has a purpose and place. We derive our ethos from this and offer a curation of products that enrich even the most mundane days. From the cut of a kurta to the drape of a saree, the comforting feel of a bed cover to our mulmul packaging, our ethos empowers us to consider every small detail in great depth. It is a lifestyle that is grounded in thoughtfulness and functional creativity.

This attention to detail extends seamlessly into our work culture as well. At Suvasa, we take great care to ensure our factory feels like home, with our teams being no less than family. Whether it is treating one another with empathy and love, or guiding and learning from each other, we come to work with a real sense of kinship that unfailingly translates into personal fulfillment.

The factory itself is a mecca of creativity, with tasteful décor and uplifting art found in abundance everywhere. After all, inspiring products are created by inspired people! Our stores also carry our signature rejuvenating aesthetic, with plentiful greenery and intuitive set ups.

The People & Paws Behind the Seams

Diverse in nature and united in the pursuit of perfection - that’s theSuvasa family for you. Behind the seams, we are tightly-knit group of folks who truly enjoy what we do and take immense pride in our label. In an age when loyalty is a rare trait, some of us have been around for over twenty productive years!

Our team of printers, tailors, carpenters and craftswomenwork assiduously hand-in-hand with production, retail, design and management experts to ensure every Suvasa product you receive sparks joy.

Wonderwhat keeps us going? Our four-legged friends who never miss an opportunity to sneak in a snuggle! The much-loved, much-pampered Indies roam carefree around the office, spreading paw-sitivity and brightening up our days. They have even inspired an adorable collection of pet accessories!

Meet The Founders:

Oona Singh, Co-Founder & Creative Director

The creative visionary behind the brand, Oona Singh is the heart and soul of Suvasa. She is a highly involved Creative Director with a hands-on approach, always around to solve any hurdle big or small. Oona’s keen sense of design coupled with her attention of detail translates into products that are not only strikingly beautiful, but also comfortable and functional. She applies this thoughtful approach to design to the workspace as well, having created a warm and uplifting factory office that has a revitalizing effect on every team member. The people-centric and inclusive culture at Suvasa also finds its roots in Oona, who over the years has nurtured this family with affection and care.

Oona possesses the same nurturing love for our four-legged friends as well, having personally rescued over 80 indies from the streets. These Indies find a special home in Suvasa and are treated no less than royalty themselves! Apart from animals, Oona is also passionate about travelling. She is an avid traveller who finds renewed inspiration in discovering nuances of cultures and countries around the world.

Rajat Singh, Co-Founder & Director

Hailing from the royal family of Dundlod, Rajat Singh co-founded Suvasa along with his wife Oona. He keeps the business running in top shape, catering to its financial and operational requirements. As Director, he also takes responsibility for smoothly steering Suvasa into the future with insightful strategy and meticulous planning.

Growing up in an aristocratic family, Rajat was always surrounded by people pursuing a range of exciting interests, from photography and rifle shooting to forest safaris and horse riding. This imbibed athriving sense of adventurein him, one that often encourages him to step outside the comfort zone and embark on new, unknown journeys. Whether it is riding his BMW GS 1200 up some treacherous mountainous roads or participating in 300-metre rifle shooting events, Rajat’s crusades are underlined with an ever-growing sense of curiosity for new experiences. He shares his wife’s love for animals and is a life-long wildlife enthusiast.